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Unilever’s Clear Connects Women with ‘The Voice’

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Agency: ALCONE
Year: 2015

Women face a never-ending sea of hair care product options at the market, and on TV. Rather than fight the tide, Clear decided to make connections with consumers, women ages 18 to 49, over a known passion point—NBC’s “The Voice,” the No. 1 rated show within this target.

This “The Voice Sponsored by Clear: Resilient Hair That Performs” sponsorship campaign was a fully integrated program to drive consumer engagement and trial. Among components of the program was a social media strategy, where Clear listened and responded to conversations while consumers were tweeting during the show, plus serving up how-to hair content with celebrity stylists.

The live event magic, however, happened during “The Voice” summer tour. At each stop, Clear activated a “The Voice” judge’s chair experience, where consumers could take a seat and a selfie to show how their hair performed that night—and share it with #ClearVoice on Instagram or Twitter. Five posts were selected at random and featured on the Jumbotron toward the end of the show, directing the winners to claim their prize (merchandise and an iTunes gift card) at the Clear footprint. Anyone who attended the concert, however, walked away with a Clear sample and gift card driving them to Facebook to leave a testimonial for the chance to win a year’s supply of Clear and a trip to Los Angeles to attend a taping of “The Voice.”

Clear distributed 23,000 samples and logged more than 6,000 interactions. Unilever called it “the biggest partnership” in its history. That’s what we call a “four-chair turn.”

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