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UBM Shows its Game Face with a Customized App

DB_UBM 2_2014 ETA
Brand: UBM
Year: 2014

UBM’s Game Developer Conference is the primary forum for programmers, artists, producers, game designers and business decision-makers involved in developing interactive games to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry. This year, to keep them connected with each other, the conference organizers and content, UBM got its game on with a customized event app that did all that and more.

The app enabled attendees to create customizable conference agendas, allowed sponsors to promote their businesses and provided a platform with which organizers could send updates in seconds. Designed to maximize engagement, gather structured analytics and provide valuable insights for all stakeholders, the platform armed organizers with data necessary to control events in real time and engage attendees via native social features, live polling functionality, big-screen app activity displays and location-based technology. The app provided a platform for attendees to supply feedback and engage with other event-goers via polling, contests, newsfeeds and digital networking. After the conference, these “mobile handshakes” offered sustained connectivity with the people they met.

Approximately 80 percent of attendees used the app, and the data it gathered enabled organizers to track which sessions were trending and which attendees were engaging with each product. The app fostered a high level of engagement: 13,602 users contributed 15,867 likes and 7,345 comments throughout the conference; they made 12,000 connections and posted 3,000 photos.

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