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Twitter Activates a Networking ‘City’ and VIP Suite

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Year: 2017

While many big tech brands were fluffing their feathers on the CES show floor and in ballrooms throughout Sin City with flashy booths and experiences, Twitter decided to set itself apart with a warm and inviting “Twitter City” experience at The Cosmopolitan Hotel complete with city blocks, scenic townhouses, billboards, a cinema, park, pizzeria, sports bar, café and more. And did we mention the VIP suite with secret access through a recording booth?

The 18,000-square-foot #TwitterCity ballroom space showcased how “Twitter is happening in the world all around you,” using city vignettes to tell that story and to serve as a space to host sales meetings with key accounts, clients and technology partners. The space held 12 meeting rooms for eight to 30 people, stylish interior sets and a fully functioning outdoor café with a turf grass surface. Form and function? Check. Every element of the “city” was purposefully designed to showcase a real-life Twitter case study. For example, Twitter pulled inspiration from a Domino’s tweet for a pizza campaign, emoji battles during the NBA finals, Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign, and others, finding ways to seamlessly integrate them into the city structure.

The coolest feature? The secret speakeasy backroom for Twitter’s Influence Council, an exclusive gathering of C-level executives and influencers together for one night. As we mentioned above, they entered through a recording booth inside #TwitterCity’s “Muzik store,” and then spoke a secret code into the recording booth microphone to open a hidden door. The Prohibition-style space included an intimate seating area, bar and food spread. #VIPbaby.

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