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Turner Activates a Mobile Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt

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Year: 2013

It was time again for the San Diego International Comic-Con, and for Cartoon Network it was time for Adventure Time, one of the channel’s most popular shows, to make a big noise with its Adventure Time ConQuest interactive game. The objective was to promote and showcase Adventure Time products that were being carried and sold by 13 licensee partners at the ‘Con.

The game was built upon the framework of an existing mobile application called Sparrow. It was developed by Turner’s internal IT Strategy department (which owns Cartoon Network), and is designed to encourage brand interaction through its scavenger hunt-style game. Brand collateral was hidden all over the convention center, and fans had to access the app to get time-sensitive clues about where the items were located. Once users located the swag, they texted the clue they found with the item to the organizers.

They then got a new clue and the adventure continued. This app took the network’s previous scavenger hunt game and brought it online and made it mobile. Only one phone number was allowed per participant, and the hunt was different each day, so cheaters couldn’t prosper, and everyone could play again and again. It was text-based, so even non-smartphone users could play and it didn’t rely on sometimes-rocky internet access.

More than 7,000 players took part, and 4,100 played the whole game. All of that added up to attendees having an amazing time, thanks to Adventure Time.

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