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Trane Mobile Tour Draws Consumers and Dealers Alike

2016 Ex_EX_Vehicle_Trane
Brand: TRANE
Year: 2016

HVAC brand Trane wanted to kill two birds with one stone through its Comfort Experience Tour by creating a mobile environment that appealed to both consumers and dealers. The unit had to be engaging enough to draw customers while simultaneously providing educational opportunities for local distributors. The solution came in the form of a 53-foot-long, three-slide trailer, which traveled to a variety of events over a 30-week period in 2015. The two-pronged approach proved to be a win for Trane, allowing two vastly different demographics to engage in in-depth experiences that put the brand’s products and technology at center stage.

Equipped with the latest in LED, computer, television and Internet accessibility technology, the vehicle also featured multiple HVAC units to showcase the wide-ranging capabilities of Trane’s full lineup of products. A modular setup provided additional flexibility, allowing Trane to focus on its air conditioning solutions in warm climates and easily flip the look and feel of the experience for colder climates. Multiple touchscreen monitors were also spread throughout the space, providing visitors with another opportunity to explore the brand’s equipment.

At the heart of the experience was the vehicle’s Hall of Fame section, which illustrated various examples of Trane products being put to the test in the wake of natural disasters, human error and other obstacles. To drive the message home, Trane set up a mock scene in which an artificial tree had damaged an HVAC unit during a storm to showcase the durability of the brand’s products.

By the end of the tour, the brand had truly exemplified its mantra: Nothing Stops a Trane.

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