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TomTom Hosts a Two-Day Media ‘Immersion’ Event

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Year: 2015

TomTom entered the fitness space three years ago, but many consumers still think of it as a manufacturer of GPS devices. To change this perception among consumers and the media, and to keep the momentum from the launch of TomTom’s Cardio heart-rate monitoring watches going throughout the year and into the holiday season, TomTom hosted a two-day media “immersion” event in New York City.

Fifty of the top U.S. and international members of the press were invited to attend the event, which began with a workout class led by celebrity trainer Rob Sulaver with celebrity guest Carson Kressley (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”). The 40-minute class took guests through the most notorious fitness trends of the past few decades—all while incorporating heart-rate training and the watch. Wine and an appetizer buffet followed.

On day two, TomTom shifted gears to hardcore runner-writers for an event that commenced with a helicopter ride from New York City to Montauk, NY, where guests were set up with their watches to monitor any changes during the memorable ride. They were then dropped (wow) for a two-mile run on the beach, led by model Alexandria Morgan and celebrity trainer Joel Harper. After the run, editors enjoyed lobster rolls and champagne. The helicopter then lifted them back to the city by 2 p.m. so they could finish out the day—and, perhaps, get a head start on articles and posts about the experience.

Thanks to this adventure, the event garnered more than 63 million impressions, including placements with top media outlets. Your destination is on the right.

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