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Timberland Engages Tradesmen on a Work-Site Tour

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Year: 2004

Rugged outdoor footwear and apparel maker Timberland took the road less traveled, invading work sites (factories, warehouses, and construction sites) with an engaging exhibit the blue collar folks just couldn’t resist. Looking to promote Timberland’s Pro line, the tour used free safety classes to first gain entry into work sites—many are legally required to stage such classes annually on their own dime. “The safety presentation, more than anything, gets us the access to these places,” Timberland brand manager Ted Lund told us. “There’s no pressure. We show up, show off, then leave.”

Staffers arrived with coffee and donuts, inviting workers to check out the merchandise and try on the boots. The 2003 truck was an upgrade from the 2002 debut: The new 42-foot vehicle boasted boot bins (with more sizes and SKUs); a large try-on area; interactive displays (one let users squirt water on items to test H20 resistance); and LCD and plasma screens for the safety class, which took place inside the try-on area. A new line of Pro apparel was added to the mix, and fashion shows that traded free clothes for participation proved solid traffic-generators.

“This is a combination of classic trial and conversion and experiential marketing” says Mobile Media ceo Robert Lewis. “We’re not motivating the sale based on a discount. We’re selling the product based on superior quality and comfort.”

A post-event direct mailer follow-up shipped a safety kit featuring branded posters and materials to hang around the site. The tour made stops in the morning, during lunch, even during graveyard shifts. All well worth it, as Timberland is attributing 20 percent of Pro boot sales directly to the mobile tour.

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