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Tech-Heavy Tasting Booths Fuel Jennie-O Mobile Tour

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Year: 2017

If you’re one of those people who think turkey is just for Thanksgiving dinner, Jennie-O’s Make the Switch tour hoped to convince you otherwise. Jennie-O Turkey Store, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, traveled to five cities with a branded food truck, two innovative tasting booths and a custom video engagement that delivered GIFs to attendees’ devices, then displayed them on an on-site mobile JumboTron and in New York City’s Times Square. The tour served up a tasty 31.7 percent increase in sales for the brand.

Jennie-O Turkey Store set out to disprove the prevalent public opinion that turkey is not as delicious as other meats and to increase awareness of ground turkey as a healthy alternative. Social and digital amplifications illustrated the point and inspired consumers to follow Jennie-O’s call to Make the Switch. The target audience was women ages 36 to 45, primarily mothers and heads of households in which they are in charge of grocery shopping and meal planning, although dads and kids joined in on the fun, too.

The tour kicked off in Los Angeles and stopped in Miami and Denver, then traveled to New York City and Seattle. At each stop, the live event experience featured two tasting booths where participants sank their teeth into turkey burgers, turkey tacos, turkey meatballs or turkey chili, then rated the products. In-booth technology captured sampling selfies. After the mini-photo shoot, a personalized 15-second video of each tasting booth experience was broadcast live to a gigantic billboard, as well as on YouTube and at Select videos were also broadcast live in Times Square. All samples were made in a branded food truck on-site where the smells of cooked turkey also drew consumers to the engagement.

Consumers entered through the doors at the front of the sampling booth, but these were no ordinary doors. Affixed with a digital application that made them appear clear prior to entering, the doors became opaque once passed through, heightening anticipation of the in-booth experience. Brand ambassadors surreptitiously provided turkey samples through secret windows at the back of the booth. An in-booth light ring and engagement tablet captured photos of the participants while they munched on the samples, which were then populated in a custom video of the experience.

By putting the consumer at the center of the experience, Jennie-O created a compelling space for sampling that generated personalized content and amplified each consumer’s Make the Switch story. The campaign resulted in more than one billion media impressions, and 86 percent of attendees rated their sampling experience as “Loved it.” Sounds like the bird is the word.

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