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TD Bank Gives Free Rides and Picks Up Lunch, Too

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Brand: TD BANK
Agency: PIERCE
Year: 2010

When TD Banknorth’s locations in New England and upstate New York joined its Mid-Atlantic and Florida operations (previously Commerce Bank) and changed its name to TD Bank, it needed to get the message out. The solution was a campaign celebrating the bank’s motto “America’s Most Convenient Bank,” which included a two-part experiential program.

The first component was a tour that provided customers with “convenient” complimentary services like its EcoCab Tour, which in October visited fairs and festivals providing folks with free lifts wherever they needed to go. The brand gave thousands of rides to people at fairgrounds, town squares and city streets. Afterwards, each passenger received literature on the bank.

For part two of the program, TD Bank took over office building lobbies and surprised workers with free pizza slices during lunch hour. The bank delivered more than 15,000 free large pizzas and 30,275 cups of coffee to 482 businesses.

By the time the last cab went off duty and the last slice had been eaten, the program had generated a total 542,549 consumer impressions.

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