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Target’s Bullseye Badges Activate Mobile Content

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Year: 2013

These days, it seems that if it ain’t mobile, it ain’t moving product. And Target really hit the mark with the Bullseye Badge campaign. The program was designed to increase college students’ engagement with the brand’s existing Back to College After-Hours Shopping Event program and extend the participants’ enjoyment beyond the moment of the experience.

The primary audience was first-year college students, aged 18 to 21, at the 68 universities across the nation that Target partners with to host its events. It all began for students as they arrived on campus during welcome weeks all over the country. Target ambassadors greeted them with free product samples, a dj, personalized invitations to the after-hours shopping event and an introduction to the heart of the experience: Bullseye Badge.

The badge, a unique QR code for each school designed to complement the campaign logo, is a digital experience that ties Target to each participant’s mobile device. Students could scan the QR code from a number of content pieces and, once they did, the brand began delivering unique content to the student through an app-like mobile experience. The first stop was the landing page, where they watched a video introducing the Bullseye Badge program that explained what it was and how and why to use it. Students could then swipe through more content, including event offers, must-have school supply checklists, bus stop locations for transportation to the shopping event, social sharing links and an event countdown clock. Once they got past the initial experience, the idea was to keep them engaged until, during and even after, so the content remained available through a simple drawer feature at the bottom of the screen to make navigation simple for repeat users.

Once the after-hours shopping event began, scanning the Bullseye Badge at stations throughout the store delivered new content to enhance the live event. Students tweeted song requests to the dj, played a shopping scavenger hunt via ShopKick, posted and tagged photos through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tracked down all of the free samples available to them. They could also text to win several prizes from partner brands.

After the event wrapped, another scan of the badge presented students with an exit survey that entered them in a drawing for a Target gift card and gave them information about loyalty reward programs, a map back to the store, social sharing links, and free wallpaper and ringtone downloads. Robin Hooding it like a boss, Target.

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