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Target Puts Employees at the Center of the Bull’s-eye

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Year: 2016

Many companies want employees to “be” the brand. But at its Fall National Meeting in Minneapolis, Target inspired store managers to be themselves. More like a retreat than an annual meeting, the holistic “health and well-being” theme came to life through five experiential zones in an exhibition space that provided personal development for attendees. This meeting historically focuses on forthcoming store-level design, partnerships and strategies. In 2015, Target put “You” at the center of the bull’s-eye.

The exhibit hall’s five areas—financial, social, community, health and career—offered touchpoints at every turn. Among the highlights: a Mad Libs installation that focused on career development and how Target supports team member career growth; a Target logo reimagined and constructed of Fitbit fitness trackers (employees got a sweet discount on Fitbits, too); a wall of interchangeable pieces morphed to reflect how employees planned to promote the topic of well-being in their stores; a self-assessment tool focused on employee time off that encouraged them to discover what type of traveler they are; and, finally, a zone for in-person, real-time financial advising.

In true Target fashion, team recognition was a major focal point of the experience. From large-scale curved projection screens with continuously rolling animated awards categories and winner names to two dramatic walk-up displays of hundreds of personalized individual discs, the personalized messaging of the event was visible from all points within the exhibit space. A job well (being) done.

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