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Electrolux Unleashes a Cube on the Brussels Skyline

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Agency: NUSSLI
Year: 2012

It’s tough to improve on the Brussels skyline, but that’s exactly what Electrolux Home Products did when it erected a distinctly modern temporary exhibit atop one of the city’s monuments.

The cantilevered 30-ton pavilion appeared to be a life-sized piece of origami made from glossy white perforated paper, perched precariously atop an ancient city building. While its exterior generated plenty of buzz, the interior gave guests a unique experience with Electrolux kitchens. To give consumers and clients a taste of its brand personality, Electrolux set up a gastronomic traveling theater inside the 460-square-foot structure, which also included an open-air panoramic terrace, an open-plan dining area and kitchen.

Leading chefs were invited to take turns in preparing sophisticated meals before the general public and invitation-only audiences. Audiences were limited to 18 people at a time, making for an intimate setting. Members of the general public could book breakfast, lunch or dinner reservations online, and companies could reserve the entire Cube for private events. The space was so popular that it sold out shortly after it launched, ultimately entertaining nearly 6,000 people during its run. The tour of the Cube was announced on the Electrolux website and on various social media channels. Guests could use the iPads that were available in the space to take photographs during the event and post them online afterward.

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