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Syfy Experience Takes Consumers out of This World

DB_Gold_Syfy_2003 Ex
Brand: SYFY
Agency: CMI
Year: 2003

To bump awareness for the Syfy channel and drive tune-in for Steven Spielberg Presents Taken, the network and p.r. shop LIME tapped New York City-based CMI for an eight-market program last fall.

A mobile exhibit hit tourist traps and high-traffic locations with four elements: At the entrance tunnel, cast members in sleek black uniforms handed visitors official “clearance” access materials. Next was an area highlighting alien abductions with CD listening stations and plasma screens showcasing testimonials from 12 abductees. A wall of lunar imagery protruded from the sides, and voices called out from portholes. Next came an evidence area with pictures, articles and artifacts (masks, mummified aliens, forensic models) related to the Roswell crash site.

Visitors then moved into a theater showcasing images of people talking about abductions. A video played, fans swirled and a 26,000-watt bluish beam dropped from the ceiling amid fog—bringing consumers as close to getting abducted without David Duchovny showing up as possible. An exit station had live broadcast kiosks visitors used to send messages into space and access As guests left they were handed a Syfy magazine and reminded to tune in for the December Taken broadcast.

The exhibit drew as many as 3,000 participants in each market, resulting in more than 56 million impressions and 7.8 million media impressions. Ratings of  the Taken miniseries exceeded national averages in seven of the eight markets, making the network No. 1 in basic cable during primetime airings for two weeks.

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