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Swissray Recreates a Radiology Control Room and ER

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Year: 2004

Digital radiography product maker Swissray produces a digital technology that allows radiographic images to be taken and developed in seconds at a much lower cost than conventional methods.

But the technology is expensive ($500,000) for hospitals that are known for taking many months or even years to vote on purchases. So prospects need to be very confident in the product in order to make a faster commitment. With the Radiological Society of North America’s annual trade show coming up (promising tens of thousands of “influencer” prospects), Live Marketing set out to devise a plan to get those prospects confident in Swissray technology.

The result was the Experience Swissray exhibit, which essentially brought a fully functional radiology lab right into the RSNA show. Other exhibitors displayed their products, but Swissray was demonstrating theirs. “We made it emotional, intellectual, and experiential,” says Live Marketing evp Mark Norby.

The exhibit recreated a radiology control room and an ER in which attendees could test drive the system. Presenters showed how the Swissray products were easy to use, helped patients, and saved money over time. Visitors could touch the product, try the product, and hopefully go on to buy the product after the show ended.

The actual exhibit was the end result of months of marketing programs. Personal phone calls and emails invited prospects. Trade publication ads, strategic online marketing programs, and teaser collateral let attendees know that if they didn’t swing by Swissray’s exhibit, they were missing out.

Few missed out. At a show that pulls 60,000 people, Swissray’s exhibit was one of the top 10 most-remembered exhibits, per Exhibit Surveys. And the experience translated down to the bottom line, with Swissray selling more than 20 units following the show and piles of targeted leads handed off to sales reps. “The major measurement of event marketing is if it drives sales,” says Swissray vp-marketing Rex Harmon. “This did.”

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