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Stella Artois Hosts a Multisensory Dining Experience

Agency: MOSAIC
Year: 2016

Stella Artois gave Torontonians all the feels last fall with a multisensory experience aimed at building its image as a premium beer brand. Targeting adventurous foodies, ages 25-34, the brand partnered with some of Toronto’s biggest artists to create the Stella Artois Sensorium—a hands-on, share-worthy dining experience that stimulated attendees’ sense of touch, sight, taste, smell and sound simultaneously. Over the course of 18 sold-out events, 2,300 consumers participated in the experience, earning the brand 15 million social impressions and high praise from parent company AB InBev.

Upon entering the ’70s-inspired geodesic dome that housed the event, participants gathered in a brasserie-themed space that paid tribute to Stella’s heritage. When all attendees had arrived, an up-lit chalice installation opened up to reveal the dining area, which featured two custom-built, 40-foot-long sensorial tables. Each table contained a conveyer belt system with concealed placemat speakers and LED drink coasters.

Armed with a team of sensorial experts, including a Michelin Star chef, filmmaker, composer, doctor of food science and aromatics specialist, Stella immersed diners in a cutting-edge, five-course meal unlike anything they had ever experienced. Case in point: consumers foraged through an edible garden centerpiece while inhaling a garden-scented mist and viewing an original film that was projection-mapped throughout the entire dome.

The experience left a positive taste in diners’ mouths, with 99 percent of participants taking an average of 18 photos during the event and sharing them with an average of 13.5 friends. Add to that 55 million p.r. impressions and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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