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St. Jude Medical Immerses Doctors at Booth Experience

Year: 2008

St. Jude Medical’s presence at TCT 2008, a medical trade show that takes place in Washington, D.C. each fall, was quite an operation. The medical device and technology company launched a new cardiac product—the Angio-Seal Evolution—and drove physicians to product demos at its trade show booth with an integrated campaign that took place before, during and after the show. The effort immersed the target audience of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and allied health care professionals in St. Jude Medical’s “More control. Less risk” corporate tag line. Additional messaging in and around the show highlighted the new product name, Evolution, within the word “Revolutionary,” underscoring its innovative technology.

A few days before show time, pre-registered attendees received emails introducing the new device and driving them to St. Jude Medical’s website where they could view a video clip and the schedule of product demonstrations and other events. At the show, product experts discussed the device’s features and presented live demos inside a clear acrylic simulated heart that was projected on a 103-inch screen. Booth ambassadors invited passersby to the demos, which were so well attended the schedule was increased to twice hourly to accommodate the crowds gathering in the aisles. Branded hotel key cards at the conference hotel reinforced the “More control. Less risk” message; branded Segways traveling on the streets and sidewalks outside the convention center manned by operators who distributed branded balsawood airplanes also drove attendees to the exhibit and promoted St. Jude Medical’s dinner event at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Mobile billboards pulled by scooters and trucks outside the convention center also added to the hype. Inside the trade show, doctors could complete the first stage of the three-step mandatory new product certification process in a specialty-device training area, optimizing their time at the show and creating a touch point for post-show follow-up.

The results were heart-warming: To accommodate the demand for the live presentations, St. Jude Medical increased the number of presentations by 1,000 percent, from four to 40. On the first day of the show alone, the company collected more than twice the number of leads it had gathered during the entire show the previous year. Sixty physicians completed stage one of the new product training while at the show and within two months 35 had completed stages two and three.

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