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Special K Pop-Up Engages Women in New Brand Message

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Year: 2014

The Special K pop-up store was a one-day event that engaged women with the brand’s newest message, “The beauty of a woman should be measured by more than numbers.” It facilitated organic, authentic interactions between consumers and the brand’s messaging in a unique jeans-buying experience within the pop-up boutique that was reinforced by television commercials airing during the same period.

Situated on Chicago’s popular Southport Avenue, the pop-up reflected the look and feel of the campaign imagery. It offered nearly 400 pairs of custom jeans in four different styles and washes that captured Special K’s brand look and feel. The size tags of the jeans were cleverly designed to be unidentifiable yet indistinguishable from a typical pair of jeans. Affixed to the waist of each jean, where a size tag is typically found, was a tag reading “You’re so much more than a number.”

Using vintage-inspired fabric measuring tapes, a stylist team measured the women with adjectives like “confident,” “fabulous” and “fierce,” which replaced standard inch increments. The women also received branded shopping bags, neck scarves and printed promotional materials. They shared their photos and thoughts on the experience via the on-site Special K photo booth.

The shock of discovering numberless jeans coupled by the feeling that jeans can fit perfectly even without a size evoked memorable reactions. Women said it was the most painless shopping trip they’d ever had. More than 14,300 consumers viewed the photo booth images via social media. The full spot remains one of Special K’s most popular YouTube videos.

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