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Sony Ericsson Lights Up the Tennis Court with EDM

Sony Ericsson Madrid Night Tennis
Brand: SONY
Year: 2008

Sony Ericsson’s Night Tennis put a new spin on an old sport, combining the best elements of sport, music and fashion in a cool and relevant way that made a smash hit with its target audience—hip 16- to 25-year-olds, key influencers and trendsetters. It turned out the lights and turned on the action as semi-professional players dressed in neon apparel and wielding day-glow racquets on a ultra-violet-lit court served up a night of excitement accented with fashion shows and electronic music.

“The Night Tennis concept was a perfect fit for the Sony Ericsson brand because it combined our leadership in mobile music and our cutting-edge style to create an exciting, first-of-its kind sporting event,” says Karen Morris, vp-marketing at Sony Ericsson. “We are committed to bringing entertainment, glamour and innovation to tennis.”

The events, held for two nights at the Ice Palace Film Studios in downtown Miami, took place last March, coinciding with the city’s annual Winter Music Conference, which attracts djs and electronic musicians and supplied a built-in crowd to the matches. The evening began with a cocktail reception where guests could get up close and personal with new Sony Ericsson phones. A projection system splashed content about tennis and Sony Ericsson on the walls in the blackened area where the matches took place. Fashion shows featuring fashion-forward looks from new designers took place during breaks in the tennis action. Then, the tennis set was dismantled and djs took over, blasting tunes until midnight.

Night Tennis in Miami was part of an ongoing campaign that began in Madrid in November 2006, traveled to Zurich and is scheduled for Croatia, London, Melbourne and beyond in 2008.

All told, Night Tennis has raised quite a racquet, drawing more than 9,000 attendees and capturing data from more than 100,000 qualified consumers via online ticketing and registration. Night Tennis content has been used in more than 35 markets globally as video on Sony Ericsson handsets. Even more impressive, it achieved more than 180 million media impressions valued at an estimated $15 million, including the front page of USA Today and the BBC calling Night Tennis the “future of the sport” across broadcast, online and print.

Sony Ericsson has received numerous requests from tournaments around the world asking to use the Night Tennis concept, including a request from IMG to incorporate Night Tennis into a special event at the Royal Albert Hall during the Master’s tournament. Now, that’s illuminating.

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