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Sony App Enables a Crowd-Controlled Drone

Brand: SONY
Agency: ISOBAR
Year: 2014

When it came time to for Sony to launch the new Sony Xperia C3 mobile phone, the brand headed off to a Pharrell concert in Istanbul with 25,000 of its closest friends. The event was GNC Fest ’14 and the order of the day was taking the most epic selfies ever.

Sony worked side-by-side with several other brands to activate its GNC sponsorship. But the brand needed to make sure that it stood out from the others. Drone technology was the answer, not just for making a big splash, but for building an emotional connection with the audience.

The device was a quadcopter drone, controlled by the crowd and with a brand new Sony Xperia C3 attached to the body. The brand developed a mobile app, which it loaded onto the Xperia device that allowed members of the crowd to “call” the drone over to them. Once the drone was summoned, the custom app used the location software on the audience member’s phone to zero in on its target. Once locked in, the drone was able to fly to the user automatically, take the “drone selfie” and send it to the attendee’s phone. Some folks got shots with their friends, others went wide for huge crowd panoramas and others wanted to get their favorite artists in the background. Everyone got a memorable experience.

Several thousand people downloaded the app and more than 30,000 impressions were derived from sharing and interacting with the photos.

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