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Snapple Mobile Tour Offers Mohawks and Dye Jobs

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Year: 2003

Upscale? Nope. Trendy? Hardly. The genius of the Dye Hard vehicle was in its budget-beating simplicity.

It would have been so easy to order a super-dooper, high-tech machine to herald the introduction of five new flavors, but Snapple took the road less traveled (actually they took the road traveled about 10 years ago) when it rolled with a 1962 Air Stream Trailer and an old 1990 Jeep Wagoneer. A fold-down stage slid out of the Air Stream, while the interior opened up to form a retro hip barber shop in which a pair of twisted sisters gave color jobs and Mohawks to daring youngsters. The barber shop chairs were covered in animal prints, and the stage looked like something out of Candy Land. This was the opposite of a fancy mobile tour. It was under-the-radar, earthy and unsexy.

“The focus was on being real first and the bells and whistles later,” says Snapple senior vp-marketing Sheryl Atkins-Green. “We try to be about expecting the unexpected.”

Consumers showed up, slipped some sips and were absorbed into the excitement—dueling haircuts, Mohawk contests, chug-offs, dance-offs and longest mullet challenges were just a taste of what went on. The tour staged retail events during the week and headed off to street fairs, beach festivals and concerts on the weekends. Set-up took less than 30 minutes (jealous?), and made visiting multiple venues in a single day as easy as dying your hair blue. “This wasn’t flashy,” says Jason Vargas, a vp with Chicago-based Marketing Werks. “It was just fun, and that caught their attention.”

The final tally: Thirty retail stops, 29 event days, 20 major-media appearances, 723 million total impressions, 45.9 million media impressions, 27.1 million event impressions, 164,742 bottles sampled, 19,534 chug-offs completed, and yes, 5,232 Mohawks given (jeez). It was low-tech but high-touch, an experience many won’t soon forget from a vehicle that would look more in place at a junk yard than at a state fair.

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