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Skyy Promotes 1800 Tequila Among ‘The Guys’ with Craps

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Brand: SKYY
Year: 2007

Lots of Skyy’s 1800 super premium tequila is consumed as part of friendly games of chance before “the guys” head out for the night. Keeping with that theme, Skyy launched a combination of nightlife events aimed at urban consumers in Detroit and Oakland. The idea was to generate buzz and build loyalty in a way that would be relevant but not contrived. First, the Hard 1800 sampling program leveraged a dice game loosely based on craps, giving consumers the chance to compete with their friends by rolling a pair of branded dice.

The brand got consumers involved by deploying uniformed croupiers at lounges, bars and off-premise accounts. The reps invited guests to sample an 1800 cocktail and to try their luck with the dice game. Consumers waiting their turn to roll were encouraged to join Club 1800; those who agreed filled out a quick data-capture form, posed for a photo and got a personalized VIP lanyard, good for accessing future private 1800 events. More than 4,300 signed up.

Participants who rolled a “hard eight” (that’s two fours, rookie) earned a branded 1800 flask; those who rolled other eights took home other branded merchandise, and everyone who played got a pair of branded dice so they could play again later.

The payoff for Club 1800 membership was access to Club 1800 Happy Hours as well as charity casino balls, which were held in each market in October. More than 1,400 Club 1800 members attended both events, far exceeding the brand’s expectations. Even better, brand depletions were up more than 20 percent in both program markets. That’s a winner.

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