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SeaChange Drives a Cost-Effective Trade Show Tour

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Year: 2004

On-demand television provider SeaChange managed to squeeze every possible breath of energy out of its second mobile tour, effectively leveraging the truck at every darn customer touchpoint there is.

The Digital Television Tour visited customers in the broadcast industry and made stops at industry events. The rig also served as a cost-effective way to increase trade show presence while decreasing trade show spend (it doubled as a trade show exhibit). Pre-tour, SeaChange spent $2 million a year to exhibit at 15 trade shows. Now? About $1.3 million total, which includes hundreds of customer visits plus 24 trade shows annually.

The interior of the rig looks like a high-priced board room with glass doors, fabric conference rooms, kiosks, a main theater, and every SeaChange product made.

The tour has also evolved into an account-specific offering, with customers using the truck to sell to their own end-users and SeaChange customizing the vehicle’s graphics and interior offerings by account. “We hide our logo and put up the customer’s,” says vp-marketing James Kelso. “It became their truck.”

Before the tour hit the road, SeaChange had a 45-percent marketshare. These days that number is above 75 percent, with Kelso attributing much of the growth to the mobile tour. “On-demand is hard to explain. But once people touch it and feel it, they get it,” he says. “We would have been happy to achieve half of what this truck has accomplished for us.”

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