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SC Johnson Taps into Women’s Fashion Sense

Year: 2010

What better way to appeal to today’s image-conscious fashionista than by appealing to her sense of style—and smell. Like a high-end boutique, The Fragrance Gallery by Glade entertained and engaged this fashion-savvy woman in an elegant, sophisticated and simple way that encouraged her to interact with the fragrances. She got to hold them, smell them and see their boutique quality. She learned about the fragrances and indulged in their luxurious details. And in the end, went to the “air care” aisle to purchase them.

Designed to appeal to women ages 25 to 49 with $70,000 or more in annual income who are heavy air freshener users, the experience offered on-trend fragrances in new shapes and packaging that they are looking for. These women love sneaking in their little escapes, like shopping for boutique fragrances, but lack the time and money to do it as often as they like. However, it is important for them to find time to indulge in simple luxuries that give them a mini-retreat from their hectic, everyday life.

Taking a cue from The Fragrance Collection by Glade’s modern, artistic packaging, the product was displayed as if it were in an art gallery. The boutique experience’s delightful details and luxurious, quality products invited the women to indulge in a little luxury at a fraction of the cost. In stores, an eight-foot by eight-foot backdrop provided framed fragrance cues for the four core fragrances: currants and acai, sheer white cotton, jasmine and wild orchid and lotus bamboo. Two pedestals each displaying two fragrances were wrapped in their signature colors. Fashionista-styled brand ambassadors dressed in black clothing from their own closets and wearing a fragrance-inspired scarf and TFCbG silver pin invited shoppers to discover their favorite fragrance.

Three products per fragrance, a 10-ounce multi-wick candle, a two-ounce candle and a reed diffuser, were presented under domes for a pure, unadulterated scent experience. Between the two scents on the pedestal, a votive filled with coffee beans cleansed the palate between scents and offered a nod to the experience consumers expect in a boutique environment. After selecting their favorite, consumers received a coupon sleeve and were directed to the aisle to find the fragrance. The $3 coupon was often redeemed that day.

The Fragrance Collection by Glade saw increased brand awareness, brand loyalty and purchase as women learned about the product and enjoyed the experience.

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