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Samsung’s Galaxy Studio Lures Tech-Savvy Millennials

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Year: 2017

It’s no secret that the Olympics is one of the fiercest competitive marketing landscapes for global brands looking to leverage the attention and crowds that surround those colorful rings. For Samsung, the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro served as a powerful touchpoint in which to reach tech-savvy millennials and deliver experiences only possible through its devices and products. Enter: the Samsung Galaxy Studio, a tech journey (guided by a Galaxy S7 mobile device) that spanned sports, health and music—and resulted in a 110 percent increase in sales year over year.

Inside, a technology wonderland began with a Samsung Gear VR demo. On 64 virtual reality 4D seats, visitors could experience six major Olympic sports (diving, swimming, cycling, BMX, boxing and fencing) through the eyes of the athletes. The special seats were designed to sync perfectly with the motion of the VR content. In the S7 + Run fitness training zone, consumers’ whole bodies became part of the experience as they were coached in boxing and hurdling by virtual trainers. Equipped with Samsung’s wearable Gear IconX, consumers were able to burn calories and monitor their heart rates as they took part in an interactive competition. Their movements were automatically tracked by kinetic sensors and their heart rates were monitored in real-time—all shareable via the Galaxy S7 device “guide.”

In the S7 + Beat music zone, consumers could create their own Olympic theme song using the Galaxy S7, producing and sharing their music with Samsung’s Soundcamp app. The experience began when they activated the app on the S7 guides. With floor lighting activated and guided by the dj, they used the S7 to add sound effects to the base music. The resulting theme songs were, of course, shareable. At a Social Galaxy interactive art installation by Black Egg, consumers logged into Instagram in front of the zone and experienced immersive media art made from their own Instagram feed.

Indeed, so much happened on the inside that it’s easy to forget the hot design on the outside. The glass façade went opaque by day, lending an air of mystery but, by night, the glass appeared transparent so consumers could see inside the studio. On the backend, more than 300 Galaxy S7 guides were distributed to visitors of the studio over the 20 days of the event. Beacons and NFC tags were widely used throughout the entire experiential journey to make the consumer experience more seamless by connecting with more than 300 Galaxy S7s simultaneously.

Supporting the endeavor were 14 other Galaxy Studios activated across a number of cities in Brazil to increase engagement and buzz surrounding the Games. More than 1 million visitors experienced the studio, and Samsung captured a 57 percent share of the smartphone market in Brazil during that period.

Pure gold.

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