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Samsung Experience Sends CES Attendees On Journeys

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Year: 2015

Samsung is considered one of the highest-profile exhibits on the floor at the International Consumer Electronics Show, generating the highest volume of attendees of any brand. How do you keep that already towering bar rising year after year? By developing experience journeys attendees will want to keep exploring year after year. At CES 2014, that journey took attendees into the canyons of the American Southwest.

The brand’s 28,000-square-foot exhibit space featured canyon-like walls at the main entrance that pulled in landscape visuals reflecting the form of Samsung’s hero product—the world’s first curved Ultra HD TV. From there, the attendee journey continued to the Avenue of Discovery through the center of the exhibit with internally illuminated cubes. The cubes served as focal points for visitors to engage with every product category, from TVs to mobile products to appliances to the connected home. Arranged around the perimeter of the exhibit a series of product vignettes provided an intimate setting where visitors and partners could interact with the products and specialists. These demo areas were intended to simulate residential environments giving visitors a clear understanding of how Samsung technology can benefit their lives when integrated in the home—demonstrating the brand’s “smarter living” messaging.

More than 150,000 attendees experienced the Samsung exhibit at CES, and surveys revealed that visitor satisfaction of Samsung’s exhibit increased to 91 percent. And then there were those other accolades: that Samsung won Best in Show in more than 10 categories. Boom.

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