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Samsung Choreographs a Holographic Concert Event

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Year: 2013

We’ve come a long way from basic flip phone mobile devices that only—gasp—allowed us to dial a call, send a text message or play the game Snake. Today, smartphones reign and each new device seems to offer more and more services and functions. As adjusted as we are to our mobile-powered culture, it’s often still hard to grasp, to the fullest extent, each new leading device’s potential.

To position itself as an industry leader in technology and showcase its new Galaxy S4 phone as a device that lives up to its promise of “infinite possibilities”—and that incredible things are possible with it—Samsung hosted a buzz-generating preview event in Canada that involved a three-city simulcast using holographic technology. This technology uses projection techniques to make images appear in three-dimensional form.

The three events took place in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and each event was filled with consumer experiences designed to help them “meet” and understand the Galaxy S4’s potential. Samsung also sweetened the deal with a top-tier Canadian musical performer. The brand created what it dubbed a “Canadian first”—a choreographed holographic musical performance from Canadian music icon Feist. Projected onto specially designed stages, the performance took place simultaneously, and in dramatic fashion, across the three event cities. It included dramatic special effects designed to show off the best of the holographic technology, playing with scale, color and visualizations in ways that mirrored the rich multimedia on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The holographic technology offered a unifying “wow” moment shared among attendees to get them talking, but it also allowed the brand to take a tier-one Canadian artist to a larger audience than would have been possible had she performed in person in any one of the brand’s three target markets, allowing the preview events to go further and broader. It was a unique technology story that bolstered p.r. efforts because the brand was able to entice media to the event with the proposition of seeing Feist perform in three cities at the same time. Samsung was bringing a new technology to Canadians, just like the many new technologies in the GS4, to accomplish something that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible—a symbolic connection to the brand’s “infinite possibilities” positioning.

The result? The brand’s preview parties became a top 10 trending topic on Twitter (with the hashtag #GS4Canada), not just in the event cities, but nationally, on top of garnering 8.5 million media impressions.

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