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Roche ‘Mobile Explorer’ Sales Tool Heads to Hospitals

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Brand: ROCHE
Year: 2014

The Mobile Explorer program provided Roche’s national sales force with a best-in-class educational and sales tool that it took to customers at hospitals and stand-alone medical centers. Roche transformed two 53-foot single expandable trailers into simulated labs so prospective clients and decision-makers could experience its Modular Pre-Analytics system and the cobas 4000, 6000 and modular platforms right outside their doors. The trailers, outfitted with fully functioning analyzers, enabled the sales teams to run live demonstrations as they would in a laboratory, demonstrating Roche’s capabilities and support services in a non-traditional yet convenient environment that felt part lab/part Apple store/part “CSI: Miami.”

Both trailers featured pristine faux-wood floors, laminate walls, high-end tables and chairs, five 51-inch television monitors and a state-of-the-art touchscreen monitor placed in the middle of a slide-out wall. The monitors were connected to the analyzers and gave the same feedback as they would in an actual customer’s lab. The units reached Roche’s customers and potential customers on-site while they were going through the RFQ process and effectively communicated the continued advancements in Roche products and technologies in a tangible showcase. Post-sale, the units were a key training tool that was an asset to the sales team through continuing education and relationship building.

The Mobile Explorers helped Roche establish new relationships with labs as well as develop and expand on existing ones. The overall ROI was more than 100x based on signed contracts. The program traveled to 37 states; traveled more than 78,000 miles; executed 216 days of event operations and 135 total events.

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