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Ringling Bros. App Spawns a Tech-Fueled Circus

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Agency: THUZI
Year: 2016

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has come a long way since it began entertaining families 146 years ago. But with the introduction of its new mobile app in July, “The Greatest Show on Earth” is now a tech-fueled experience that turns audience members into active participants.

In an effort to reimagine the circus experience, Ringling developed an app that engages consumers before, during and after the circus leaves town. Before the show arrives, consumers can use the app to participate in trivia-based brand education, content sharing and advanced gamification, including leaderboards with varying levels of difficulty. Inside the arena, proprietary Light Wave Sound technology embedded in the app fuels an on-site scavenger hunt by unlocking content and points. The app reacts to specific songs, sounds and videos throughout the stadium, allowing users to interact with kiosks, screens and even entertainers; as performers near an attendee during the show (with Light Wave Sound tech embedded in their costumes), exclusive content is automatically unlocked in the app and revealed on the user’s mobile device.

In addition, geofencing technology senses the location of users inside the arena, then delivers push notifications to them to showcase activities taking place in real time, including the chance to vote on key moments in the show, giving fans the power to change the outcome of the performance. And in the concourse, fans can share the experience by scanning their app’s unique QR code. A Circus Selfie engagement, for instance, allows participants to sport a clown nose or costume, then instantly share the photo.

The app has helped Ringling collect valuable attendee data and inspire audience participation like never before. You might even say it’s The Greatest App on Earth.

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