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Red Bull Activation Surprises Boston College Students

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Agency: FLUENT
Year: 2015

Boston is a college town, and so the back-to-school season presents a tasty opportunity for brands to target this demographic—including that tricky millennial audience. It also presents a challenge for brands looking to gain exclusive access and scale experiences. Red Bull decided to go straight into the classroom and infiltrate buildings with relevant surprise and delight experiences centered on helping students prepare for the semester.

Teams of student representatives took to classrooms across nine campuses in Boston in the wee hours of the morning on the first days of classes (“Syllabus Week,” as it’s often called), placing cans of Red Bull Edition along with a campus-specific Red Bull “Syllabus Hack.” Each campus’s syllabus included narrative on how to capitalize on unique campus traditions and make the most of the first semester. The student reps created target lists of classes on their respective campuses to deliver the cans and syllabi, ranging from large auditoriums to smaller intimate settings. Each syllabus contained the Red Bull Boston Twitter/Instagram handle along with a program hashtag (#savedbythebull) to encourage dialogue on social.

The second part of the program involved kick-off events on campus. Red Bull professional action sports athlete Thomas Oehler performed demonstrations for and with students, often making them obstacles for his stunts. On top of these engagements, Red Bull hosted a socially driven scavenger hunt involving Red Bull three-pack products.

Thanks to the engagement strategy, Red Bull enjoyed 1.5 million-plus media impressions, with 107 Boston classrooms receiving 15,336 of the “Syllabus Hacks.” School is in session.

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