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Prudential Foot Race Provides Retirement Education

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Year: 2016

Retirement affects everyone—but it doesn’t often run through consumers’ minds. To get more Americans thinking about their financial future, Prudential got their legs running instead. Held in Washington, D.C., the Prudential 4.01K Race for Retirement was more than a simple running competition. Throughout the course, participants were asked retirement-related questions and answered them by choosing their path through tracking gates that matched their responses. More than 40 additional on-site engagements—all accessed via RFID wristbands—helped participants plan for retirement, with two-thirds indicating the event gave them the resources they need to financially prepare for the future.

More than 18,000 people of all ages ran the first-of-its-kind race, which unlike typical fundraisers, benefited the participants. Instead of donating to charity, consumers could donate to their own cause by vowing to contribute an additional one percent of their annual income to retirement at a designated Pledge Station. The area also included a 3D photo engagement.

The core of Prudential’s activation encompassed five themed Challenge Tents, each of which included an interactive element designed to help the brand provide essential retirement information. Inside the first tent, the Longevity Challenge featured tablets that consumers used to enter their estimated retirement age and anticipated savings. Participants were then told how long the funds would actually last, helping to establish more concrete numbers to incorporate into their retirement plans. The tent also included a Map My Retirement activity in which consumers wrote their names on white flags and stuck them to an eight-foot by 12-foot map based on where they’d like (and could afford) to retire.

Other tent engagements included a family-friendly Kid’s Arcade where games helped kids understand the importance of saving early, and the Chapter 2 tent, where a caricature artist drew consumers in their retirement participating in their favorite activities. The race also included an Annuity Giveaway contest in which one lucky participant won a $50,000 annuity, while more than a dozen food trucks kept consumers’ bellies full and Aloe Blacc entertained crowds on the main stage.

Prudential relied on RFID bracelets to make the experience seamless. Participants pre-registered their wristbands and connected them to their social media accounts. The bracelets then served as their ticket to the race, and allowed consumers to check in to each tent experience. The bands could also be used at any of the event’s photo ops, giving consumers the opportunity to receive their photos and automatically post them to social media with a tap of the wrist.

When participants crossed the activation’s finish line, Prudential determined that their combined pledges could grow to an additional $1.3 billion in retirement—something worth running after.

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