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Promethean Uses Tour to Boost Trade-Show Numbers

Year: 2010

When interactive learning technology provider Promethean saw trade-show attendance drop in 2009, it created the ActivClassroom Experiential Tour, which takes its products directly to customers and beefs up its experiences at industry events. The tour is geared toward school district decision-makers at K-12 schools, such as superintendents, principals, teachers and IT consultants. It travels in a 36-foot ActivBus, which started up in April. The company will add a second vehicle in 2011.

“We’re still taking part in key trade shows, but we want to complement the trade-show circuit with the ActivBus to be able to take our products directly to customers who have seen their budgets cut and can’t travel like they had before,” says Lori C. Page, Director of North American Marketing Campaigns at Promethean.

The tour is a useful tool for the company’s 25 area sales managers who help staff the bus when it hits their respective markets and gives them an opportunity to engage with prospective customers. To make sure everyone is on the same page, Promethean added an internal dashboard providing an overview of the tour, schedules, photos, videos and more. Staff can use it to download presentations, templates, fliers or any other materials useful to the on-site experience.

The tour generally sets up in a school’s parking lot where teachers and administrators visit and learn about the brand’s 15 products on display, including two of its ActivBoard interactive whiteboards, which enable what can be seen and done on a computer screen to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard in the classroom. Decked out in the brand’s signature orange hue, the bus has 16 ottomans for seating, but since the tour started, it hardly ever has fewer than 30 people in the bus during its educational sessions (one of the reasons for the second bus). Sometimes students will also visit the bus, which gives teachers a chance to see how the kids react to the products. At the 2010 International Society for Technology in Education Show, Promethean complemented its trade-show booth with access to the ActivClassroom at a nearby location.

“The booth outperformed the bus maybe 60/40, but we saw a large presence and interest in the bus,” says Page. The tour is also making stops at colleges and universities to engage the teachers of tomorrow.

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