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Philips Turns its Sales Convention into a Spy Movie

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Year: 2008

The Spanish and Portuguese division of Philips Electronics turned its annual sales convention into a blockbuster spy movie. Scriptwriters created a complete plot in which Philips’s competitors were cast as an international gathering of gangsters bent on stealing Philips’s secret sales plans for 2007. Everyone attending the meeting was part of the top-secret operation to protect the plans.

The spy theme was carried through from the first invitation, which was a call summoning all special agents, to the end. At the opening of the event a band of enemy agents burst into the dining hall, blindfolding, tying-up and kidnapping the company’s ceo in front of everyone. The following morning attendants were taken to their secret meeting place, which turned out to be an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of Lisbon, decked out as a cyber-industrial set, complete with exposed pipes, explosions, flames, scrap metal, flickering bulbs and screens recreating an astonishing post-modern and apocalyptic atmosphere. A popular local standup comedian played the criminal mastermind who doubled as host of the event.

Luckily, the drama had a happy ending when attendees were shown a professionally made video of their ceo escaping from his captors and showing off a few choice stunts at the same time. Presentations were given by different “agents” describing how they were working to foil the plans of the villains. A heroic appearance by the escaped ceo was followed by a gala dinner and celebration.

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