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Pepsi’s Summer of ’92 Event Stirs up 90s Nostalgia

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Agency: MOTIVE
Year: 2017

Crystal Pepsi Summer of ’92 took over New York City’s Terminal 5 with a ‘90s-themed trip through time that raised awareness for the iconic, clear-colored cola among young millennials too young to enjoy it the first go-round, and older consumers hankering to taste it again. The one-night event recreated the era with a mini mall, salon and arcade, interactive Slinky art, a Scratch-N-Sniff mural and a rooftop playground. A ‘90s-themed GIF photo booth and Crystal-inspired cocktails added to the fun. Nearly 3,300 fans rocked the ‘90s night away, driving millions of social media and editorial impressions.

Pepsi ramped up excitement the day before with a ride through the city streets in a classic car filled with celebrity look-alikes straight out of the TGIF line-up (hello, Urkel!), then re-built the Summer of ’92 from the ground up, utilizing each of Terminal 5’s four floors to re-imagine spots where ‘90s teens may have hung out with their Crystal Pepsi. A mini mall greeted guests with a bevy of throwback swag including flat-bill hats, customized t-shirts and fanny packs. Hairdressers crimped, straightened, curled and cropped hair-dos in ’90s-style. An arcade offered the chance to replay ’90s favorites from NBA Showtime to Tekken and Mortal Kombat. An emcee perched atop a 20-foot glowing neon boom box, and a dj and dance squad stoked the crowd until Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue brought down the house.

With a line around the block and tour buses alongside, the experience was da bomb.

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