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Patriotic Real-Time Video Drives Budweiser Sampling

Agency: SWITCH
Year: 2011

Few things go together better than an ice cold beer and the Fourth of July, so Budweiser this summer leveraged the holiday weekend with a national sampling initiative that mixed live and digital elements into a tasty, patriotic brew. Bud’s 21-day campaign entitled “On America’s Birthday, Drink America’s Beer” began in the weeks leading up to and during the holiday and took place at fairs, festivals and firework displays.

Sampling teams executed 1,700 events in 70 markets with a customized iPad2 application that enabled brand reps to shoot and record live video messages from consumers who wished to join Budweiser in thanking U.S. troops for their service. The videos were tied to a partnership with military charity Folds of Honor. Staffers could shoot and instantly post the videos to the cloud wirelessly where a remote team could quickly approve and push the videos to Facebook and YouTube for sharing. The teams captured more than 12,000 messages.

The app not only enabled real-time video shooting and posting from the field (no expensive video crew and equipment required), it helped Bud’s brand team control and measure the spread of user generated content as well as provide a real-time analysis of field team performance by event, wholesaler or market. Underperforming teams and market could be addressed instantly. This strategic blend of technology and market penetration helped Bud make an impact during one of the biggest holidays of the summer selling season. Though A-B does not share sales data, there was a noticeable sales lift in program markets over non-program markets.

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