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Palm and Partners Activate Race-Themed Demos

DB_Palm_2007 Ex
Brand: PALM
Agency: SPARKS
Year: 2007

Credit the blossoming event marketing unit at Sparks for Treo’s 700p Summer Launch Series, a fully integrated high-touch event program conceived around the idea of speed, a main product attribute as well as a key marketing platform for partner (and NASCAR sponsor) Sprint.

Private events held at hip and trendy venues in six cities took a raceway theme where attendees learned about the new smartphone while mingling with representatives from Palm, Sprint and partner companies. Guests earned chips for participating at stops where they learned product features and talked to reps. Chips were redeemed at the Finish Line for prizes such as a trip to the Jeff Gordon Driving School, NASCAR tickets, smartphones and more.

Most guests stayed for the duration of the three-hour event and participated in every area of the Raceway. The event drew more than 1,700 attendees, garnering increased product awareness for Palm and quality leads for all partners.

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