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Oracle Reimagines OpenWorld With a B-to-C Lens

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Agency: MOSAIC
Year: 2017

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 reimagined the traditional conference format through a b-to-c lens that focused on learning, innovation and engagement to appeal to its younger, multicultural attendee base. Through a holistic approach, it transformed the massive 55,000-person conference into 10,000 five-person interactions, adding humanity, connection and engagement at every touchpoint. With attendees and its sales team at the heart of the experiences, Oracle focused on improving areas where learning and engagement occurred most frequently: “space, story and education.” The result: 81 percent said they would recommend the conference to others and 94 percent appreciated the new learning formats.

Oracle redesigned static OpenWorld common areas into organic attendee-to-attendee engagement spaces and transformed San Francisco’s Howard Street between North and South Moscone halls into a branded plaza with gathering hubs for conversation and collaboration. Six hundred pieces of functional content became 2,200 pieces of dynamic storytelling that engaged and educated attendees. Two hundred and fifty hours of interviews with Oracle executives, customers and social media influencers were beamed online and around the event, and a live TV station in the central hub provided deeper understanding of content. A new Collective Learning (CL) format developed with Harvard’s Graduate School of Education featured interactive zones built around discussion, personal reflection and information sharing.

The b-to-c format met with resounding success. Besides the high attendee recommendations, the conference featured 270 hours of live content programming and generated 8.4 million social impressions. Quite a story.

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