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Ocean Spray Demonstrates Where Cranberries Come From

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Year: 2008

Do you know where cranberries come from? The folks at Ocean Spray think probably not, so to offer consumers an up-close-and-personal look at how the tart red berries are grown and harvested, the company last fall created cranberry bogs outside of 142 Kroger stores in four cities—Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver and Houston.

“We previously had set up a huge cranberry bog in Rockefeller Plaza and gotten a lot of good p.r. out of it,” says Kathy Davis, customer marketing manager at Ocean Spray. “So, we wanted to take that down to the consumer and retail level. Kroger was very excited to partner with us on this as we presented the taste, health and the heritage of the cranberry in a fun, entertaining and educational way.”

So, last fall, leveraging the popularity of the “bog guys” Justin and Henry from Ocean Spray’s TV commercials, it set up a six-foot by nine-foot mini-bog outside front entrances of participating Kroger stores. Trained brand ambassadors dressed in waders, flannel shirts and suspenders stood knee-deep in fields of floating cranberries and educated consumers about the taste, health benefits, harvesting process and heritage of the tart-tasting fruit, and distributed 44,000 coupons in the process. Even more impressive: the 600 pounds of cranberries used in the bogs.

“We felt the best way to show people the beauty of the cranberry wasn’t through pictures or by setting up a table. You really had to show how beautiful the harvest is by floating the cranberries in real water,” Davis adds.

The bog guys engaged consumers coming in and out of Kroger stores in conversations about how the harvest works, how many cranberries it takes to make a jar of juice and all those healthy vitamins and antioxidants they contain. In some cases, the store manager donned waders and joined the brand ambassadors in the bog, adding more fun and excitement.

Ocean Spray achieved 100 percent distribution of juice displays in participating stores and bog stores outperformed non-bog stores by an amazing 125 percent. What’s more, it brought new buyers to the category. There was an enthusiastic response by retailers and it was determined that the Bogs Across America campaign could be executed at retailers in a simple, cost-effective way.

So, this year, before stuffing themselves on turkey and cranberries and all the trimmings at holiday dinners, even more consumers will get to learn more about this fascinating fruit as the program brings bogs to additional stores. “It’s our season, from October through Thanksgiving. That’s when consumers are connecting and thinking about Ocean Spray and cranberries,” Davis says.

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