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Norton Program Puts Cybercrime Threats in Context

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Agency: AGENT X
Year: 2012

As cybercriminals get craftier and more sophisticated, so, too, do the tools designed to protect against them. Norton capitalized on this fact, and introduced its newest security product Norton 360 V5 with the Norton Cybercrime Index program.

The campaign featured a mix of p.r., live events and retail promotions that leveraged a subtle dose of scare tactics to get consumers thinking about its products. Simultaneous events were held at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal and London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, inviting consumers to step up to a kiosk and check out the brand’s Cybercrime Index, a free online tool that displays in real time what cyber criminals are up to. Then, Norton drove guests to their products as the best solution for staying safe online.

A 10-foot-diameter projection sphere suspended 25 feet in the air from an ominous-looking black, four-pronged frame was the centerpiece of both activations. The structure not only stopped traffic, it also gave the impression that an omnipresent big brother was watching. This was reinforced by live video cameras catching passersby and then projecting their images on the orb along with phrases like, “Your identity is at risk!”

With an efficient mix of retail tie-ins (promotions took place at New York City Staples stores), sensory impact and buzz-generating activities, Norton took high-tech data and transformed it into something accessible and impactful. The 28-day program generated 40,000 one-on-one engagements, 320,000 hours of viewer time on the Cybercrime Index website and 357 Facebook “likes.”

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