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Nokia Takes Brand Experiences to New Heights in Las Vegas

Brand: NOKIA
Year: 2008

Most clients would have had a heart attack at the mere mention of hoisting its key media contacts 200 feet in the air to test out its newest product. But Nokia went for it, inviting members of the hi-tech, wireless and consumer press to its vertigo-inducing Press Conference in the Sky at the 2008 CTIA event—the largest wireless industry trade show in the world, held where else but Las Vegas.

The press conference kicked off in the outdoor experience area at CTIA, a central transportation hub and main entry point to the event. Reporters registered at the Nokia check-in area where they could hang out, enjoy free Internet access and complimentary drinks. At 11 a.m. they were moved into the press briefing area and greeted by the Internet Café in the Sky descending from 200 feet via a nearby crane. Once it touched down the sales director emerged and then handed off the presentation to the president of Nokia who presented the N810 phone to the press.

Following the formal presentation reporters were invited, 25 at a time, to take a seat in the Café, strap in and ascend 200 feet to experience Nokia’s wireless Internet for themselves. While taking the 20-minute trip up, members of the press were given an in-depth briefing on the product and services connected to it. Live video streams and in-air interviews gave the event buzz-worthy media exposure that lasted long after the event, contributing to over $11 million in free press for the launch campaign. As an added bonus, the sold-out press conference was the first time that Nokia was oversubscribed at CTIA.

This daredevil stunt—a first in the U.S.—earned plenty of press but its marketing success was rooted in its solid message reinforcement strategy; wherever you go (even 200 feet in the air!) you can stay connected with Nokia’s wireless technology.

“We very much had in mind the ‘anytime, anywhere’ mantra, so we wanted to execute an event that showcased that and truly show that you can use our product and WiMax service anytime, anywhere,” says Patrick Scanlan, Team Leader at Nokia.

As an added bonus, the stunt site acted as a billboard that grabbed the attention of the event’s 40,000 attendees before they even arrived. “The minute you got to the convention center, you saw it,” Scanlan adds. “Even from the airport, you could see it from miles away. It literally took over the city, which is hard to do in Vegas.” Way to take it to new heights, Nokia.

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