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Nokia Studio Turns Consumers into Filmmakers

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Brand: NOKIA
Year: 2009

Last year, moviemaker Spike Lee partnered with Nokia to direct a movie made entirely of footage shot by everyday people. From April through August, consumers uploaded text, music, images and video (shot on video cameras, digital cameras and cell phones) to Lee decided what made the cut and debuted the final film last fall at the Club Nokia auditorium in Los Angeles.

To draw attention to its Nokia Productions unit before the film’s debut, the brand created a mobile entertainment experience called The Nokia Studio that enabled its target audience (18- to 34-year-olds who use their mobile phones as social tools) to submit their own content by interacting with Nokia’s products.

The Studio visited music festivals including Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Mile High Music & Arts Festival and All Points West. The brand activated in a cube-shaped structure made out of an inflatable wall system and shipping containers. Once inside the doors, consumers spiraled along light and airy corridors into the interior. After registering, (all attendees had to set up an account upon entering to participate), guests could immediately start populating their online account with live content created inside the cube.

At the photo zone, special green-screen software that interacted with Nokia’s devices enabled attendees to shoot and manipulate photos and upload them directly to their Nokia Studio Account for collection and further editing. In the video zone, consumers posed in front of green screens to capture their own short video using a Nokia device. Brand ambassadors helped users select their background and further customize the video. In the music zone, guests created and uploaded their own music track utilizing a unique laser-based motion sensor instrument. Finally, in the edit zone staffers helped consumers mix, edit and mash up their film on the Nokia Productions site. The last stop in the studio maze, an 80-square-foot room that acted as a central exhibition gallery for Nokia’s products.

“As you went through each step you got to experience the making of the movie in all of its different steps and to create your own, and that was really fun,” says Holly Cannatelli, marketing activation manager at Nokia. “The consumer was saying, ‘Wow, I can really do this with my phone?’ So I think it was really exciting for them.”

By the end of the program, the  website had collected more than a half million visits, staffers had executed 36,766 live demos and the Studio program had racked up 65,000 live engagements with target consumers. Surveys showed a 4.39 point improvement in brand consideration and an 89 percent increase in device preference.

Lights, (cell phone) camera, action!

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