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Nokia #HolidayRealness Tour Disrupts Mall Shoppers

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Brand: NOKIA
Year: 2014

Nokia turned the standard device demo—a pushy, pick it up, click some buttons, maybe snap a photo experience—into a festive and lasting experience that left consumers with one-of-a-kind takeaways, all thanks to the power of the product.

A seamless transition from the online campaign to the live experience created continuity for consumers. This program also had a “disruptive” edge that pushed through the typical holiday season clutter.

How often are the holidays celebrated a la cliché? The cookies, the fireplace, the nuclear family positioned around the tree. In reality, not all holidays are made equal. Using a “disruptive” strategy that shook up the holidays and celebrated “real” people with their own unique, unfiltered holiday traditions, Nokia launched the #HolidayRealness Experiential Tour, a two-part, nine-market program that activated for five weeks between Black Friday and the weekend after Christmas.

The program split across five in-mall markets (Chicago, Denver, New York and Washington, D.C.), and four outdoor markets for a mobile truck leg (Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco). Then, there was Nokia’s online Holiday Realness hub, which helped the brand promote the hashtag #holidayrealness and campaign through a series of digital short films featuring real people and their wacky traditions. Think Santa surfing with Rudolph, a doggy Christmas and “extreme caroling,” to name a few.

Among the experiences at the mall stops was a photo activation using Nokia Lumia phones featuring quirky holiday backdrops and props that consumers could share across social media channels, or take home as printed gift tags to use on gifts. There were demo stations that showed off the Lumia’s low-light imaging capabilities, as well as its zoom functions. And then, there was the snow globe. Consumers climbed inside the snow globe for a chance to grab a “snowflake” tied to a prize (think money machine). Prizes ranged from Nokia devices to an Xbox to lumps of coal. Branded giveaways were awarded when consumers engaged with the product at the demo stations. The favorite: ugly holiday sweater mock t-shirts.

The brand recorded 269,510 interactions with consumers and 137,325 direct engagements. There were 97,134 product demonstrations and consumer spent an average of four-minutes at the experience; eight to 10 minutes at some stops.

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