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Nissan Tracks Test-Driving Journalists with GPS

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Agency: AMCI
Year: 2013

“What could possibly go wrong?” We weren’t at the Nissan 360 planning meeting, but we’re pretty sure at some point someone said this in response to the idea of letting hundreds of international journalists loose on the streets of Southern California in Nissans as part of its one-month media blitz. Luckily, nothing did go wrong, thanks to a suite of technology tools that not only enhanced the live event experience for attendees, it helped the Nissan team sleep at night, too.

Each guest was provided a Samsung Note II with the pre-installed Nissan 360 custom app that featured vehicle information and content, a reservation system for vehicle test drives and turn-by-turn GPS-enabled driving routes (there were seven unique drive courses, from an off-road course to a high-speed racetrack). Each participants’ device, once triggered inside the vehicle, would act as a GPS tracking device so if a car went off-course, the team could track it down. Nissan’s team could also easily push vehicle-specific content (images, text, video), embargoed press releases and daily agenda notifications through the app.

More than 300 vehicles and displays were tagged with RFID “Tap Here” stickers that triggered content such as stories, spec sheets and photos that guests could transfer into their virtual briefcase and access later through the Nissan 360 portal, a tool that organized the content assets and eliminated the need for paper signage and brochures.

The data generated from all of the technologies revealed that there were more than 12,000 vehicle drives, 3,600 taps of RFID stickers on vehicles and displays and more than 3,000 “pushes” of content from the application to the portal.

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