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Nissan EV Mobile Tour Helps Generate 20,000 Preorders

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Year: 2011

A mobile tour was a key part of the marketing effort that helped Nissan record an impressive 20,000 preorders for the Leaf, the first mass-produced all-electric vehicle. Among its key goals: Persuading potential buyers that the vehicle was really a “buyable” car.

The first leg of the Drive Electric mobile tour ran from October through March. Consumers could register online in advance or in person the day of the event. The entire experience was housed in about a half dozen glass-walled tents set up around a ride-and-drive course. In the first tent, the Battery Room, guests learned about the Leaf’s battery system and how to charge the vehicle. In the Sexy Science room, wall graphics and video explained the technological innovations that led to the Leaf. The 100 Mile Room helped debunk the notion that EVs don’t offer enough range for most drivers. To prove it, guests could use a web-based calculator to find out whether the Leaf would serve their typical commuting needs.

Next, visitors kicked the tires and got familiar with the cabin, console and controls before taking the Leaf on a spin around a closed course and on the street. Brand ambassadors rode along to highlight key attributes and features. After the drive, a video booth recorded drivers’ reactions to their first times behind the wheel of an all-electric vehicle. There was a photo op with the car and a video contest where attendees could record their own pitch for why they should win a Leaf.

Finally, the Recharge Lounge gave consumers a chance to relax and grab a snack, while representatives from local utility companies were on hand to answer EV-related queries.

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