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Nissan Activates a Cirque du Soleil Party Series

DB_Infiniti_Ex 2008
Agency: KUBIK
Year: 2008

During its launch of the Infiniti EX 35, the brand kicked up the luxury factor a notch by leveraging its sponsorship of the Cirque du Soleil. Infiniti threw Salon Night parties in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, inviting up to 1,500 Nissan and Infiniti owners and/or prospective owners.

To keep in line with the Cirque du Soleil theme, guests were greeted with a purple martini and hors d’oeuvres. The lounge-like environment had couches also in purple, a dj mixing modern/urban music and gourmet food stations sprinkled throughout the space. The centerpiece was a gigantic pyramid with images projected on it. Guests were also given a chance to interact with the full line of Infiniti vehicles on display.

Once guests were settled in the show began. All eyes were on the 16-foot pyramid, which was lifted to reveal the Infiniti EX 35. The pyramid was completely inverted and turned inside out from the center point until it was pointing down over the top of the revealed vehicle. Adding to the excitement, two Cirque performers hidden under the pyramid appeared through the dry ice. And two additional EX vehicles were rolled out through the mist near the stage area near a Nissan spokesperson who delivered a speech on the new vehicle.

The events packed in a full house at each location. Toronto sold out in 13 days with 700 guests; Montreal booked 500 guests in 15 days; and Vancouver sold out in 19 days with 490 guests.

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