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Nikon Stages Photo-Friendly Weddings in 13 Cities

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Brand: NIKON
Year: 2012

To celebrate the release of its Nikon 1 compact camera, Nikon gave media and sales reps a challenge: Capture the most emotional moments of an exciting event. But there was also a unique hook—participants wouldn’t find out what they would be photographing until the day of the event. The element of surprise would, in part, help Nikon push the message about the new camera’s ready-for-anything interchangeable lens.

Then, at 50 events in 13 cities, Nikon let them in on the secret. Their mission was to use the Nikon 1 to photograph a crazy, staged wedding, with actors portraying the bride, groom and minister. Nikon arranged three scenes, each intended to show off a different function of the new camera. The wedding proved to be very photo-friendly—actors stopped, rewound and started again when they wanted to make sure the guest photographers could get just the right shot. To get the perfect picture in a chaotic environment, the members of the media simply had to request a “pause” and the action and actors would literally freeze at their request. The scenery changed, too–as the wedding continued, the altar might have popped up out of the floor, for example.

The idea was to have fun while showing the camera’s ability to act as fast as the photographers needed it to. Guests took 250,000 pictures in total and left enthusiastic about the Nikon 1.

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