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Nickelodeon Dumps Signature Slime on its Viewers

Agency: OASIS
Year: 2008

With newer networks like Disney Channel and Cartoon Network chipping away at Nickelodeon’s 25-year hold on its core kids and tweens market, Nick knew it would have to play dirty. Slimey, in fact. So in 2008 it took its signature green goop on the road.

The Slime Across America 15-city mobile marketing campaign activated at high-profile outdoor locations like Navy Pier in Chicago, Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles and Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. The centerpiece of the tour was an 18-wheel Slime Mobile that unfolded to reveal a stage and five sliming stations capable of dumping 50 gallons of slime at each event. Two live, interactive stage shows acted as the focal point of the rig and featured Nickelodeon-style games and roaming game show hosts who randomly selected kids from the audience to come on stage for a chance to be one of five contestants to sit in the slime stations. For the grand finale, a stage assistant pulled a lever that released five gallons of the stuff directly onto the heads of the participants. Immediately following the game show, fans were treated to free live musical performances by up-and-coming Nickelodeon/Sony BMG musical artists like Menudo, Tiffany Evans and The Naked Brothers.

“This was really about letting kids touch and feel our brand on a local level,” says Frank Tanki, VP of Consumer Marketing at Nickelodeon. “One of the biggest attributes of our brand is slime, so we literally needed a vehicle that could deliver slime to kids in a fun and interactive way.”

Nickelodeon supplemented the rolling festival experience with a variety of other family-friendly interactives. Kids could check out a slime waterfall, slime-green liquid lava flooring and a video green-screen interactive. Everyone who participated in one of the activities received a Slime Pass to use at home to download their videos at the official Slime Across America website. Partners like Cheetos, TRAX and JAKKS Pacific also activated with on site challenges and games.

The tour reached more than 30,000 kids, tweens and adults and dispensed more than 345 gallons of slime. Attendees recorded over 3,000 user-generated videos with a 38 percent retrieval rate at; 47 percent forwarded their videos to friends. Public relations efforts for the tour generated over 20 million impressions. Looks like getting messy helped Nickelodeon clean up.

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