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Netflix Heads to the Mall with Family Room Campaign

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Year: 2014

It’s not always easy getting everyone in the room—family, especially—to agree on what to watch on television, but Netflix over the last holiday season set out to prove it can serve as the common denominator. While millions of consumers are getting in on streaming services that allow them to curate television viewing, rather than be subjected to unwanted channels and commercials (even “cutting the cord” of cable in some cases), many still don’t understand how it works and what you get.

The Netflix Family Room in-mall campaign targeted non-Netflix users, primarily, passing through popular shopping areas in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco for two weeks during the holiday season.

The 12- by 15-foot spaces looked like your standard American living room with a fireplace and comfortable chairs. Consumers entering the space could grab a seat and watch streaming holiday movies, take holiday photos with props, or wrap some of their purchased gifts at a gift-wrapping station. Brand ambassadors outfitted in branded holiday sweatshirts engaged consumers with iPads to share how to use, sign-up and give Netflix as a gift, as well as answer questions from existing customers.

All of the experiences were “no-obligation,” meaning you didn’t have to register to do it. Netflix wanted to provide positive interactions with the brand, rather than conduct surveys and collect data. It did record interactions, including 23,773 living room engagements and 26,120 product demonstrations. There were 12,811 gifts wrapped, too. It’s a wrap, thanks to Netflix.

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