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Mr. Peanut’s Nutmobile Expands its Tour Fleet

DB_Kraft_Planters_2015 Ex
Brand: KRAFT
Year: 2015

So many people are nuts for peanuts that the 2014 Planters Nutmobile fleet had to be expanded to meet the demand of fans who wanted the big traveling peanut to visit their community. With increasing traffic on the Nutmobile blog and a dedicated following on Mr. Peanut’s Facebook page and Instagram feed, not to mention the always dapper Mr. Peanut’s updated wardrobe makeover, the brand added two more vehicles to its fleet.

All three Nutmobiles travel throughout the year with Mr. Peanut and Planters Peanutters behind the wheel, making appearances at special events, conducting media interviews and distributing samples. The two new Nutmobiles, at 27-feet long, eight-and-a-half-feet wide and 11-feet tall, also contain seating for fans inside the vehicles, along with custom storage for the brand’s event assets, a climate-controlled room for Mr. Peanut’s mascot costume and product samples. To create the dimensional ribs of a peanut shell, the steel framework was carved and coated with Polyethylene foam piping and finished in fiberglass and epoxy resin, then finished with custom-color automotive paint. The vehicles feature a deep-cycle battery system with rooftop solar panels that generate power during events and a rooftop hatch for Mr. Peanut to entertain fans during parade opportunities.

The expanded fleet increased visibility for the brand and reached more target audiences at community events, retail and sponsorship activations.

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