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Motorola Pop-up Centers on Customization

Year: 2016

Motorola makes a range of mobile devices and accessories, from smartphones to smartwatches, but that fact was getting lost on consumers in an increasingly saturated market dominated by just a few big players. Enter: Moto Shop, a Motorola experiential boutique in the heart of Chicago, which aimed to change the experience of a telecomm retail store shopping experience and earn points among freethinking 30-somethings in particular. As a destination with multiple touchpoints and a few partners to sweeten the deal (think: cupcakes), the shop exceeded Motorola’s effective consideration reach goal of 70 percent.

The Moto Shop brought Motorola’s “power of choice” messaging to life by showcasing innovative features and products in an unexpected, high-touch experiential environment. Customization was a major theme as it’s what the brand is known for (consumers can generate thousands of handset combinations, finishes and colors on the design site). The shop gave consumers the opportunity to experience the brand in-person and on their own terms, inspiring them to design and personalize their own device, challenging them to reconsider their relationship with their own phone and walk out with a positive impression of Motorola as a lifestyle brand in a sleek environment absent of the stark lights of a typical telecomm retail store.

Moto Shop offered consumers a number of ways to get up close and personal with Motorola smartphones. In the Drop Zone, consumers tested Motorola’s proprietary ShatterShield technology available on the Droid Turbo 2 by dropping the phone from five feet in the air onto slabs of concrete, ceramic and tile. Consumers also tested the camera features by shooting props and choosing backdrops, and posting to social media for prizes. The Moto Maker Design area brought to life Consumers in this area could take a mini hands-on workshop with the custom digital app and build a physical inspiration board using a mix of Moto product parts, genuine leathers, real woods and a broad-ranging color palette to build a custom Moto X Pure Edition.

The Moto 360 boutique offered personalized smart watch shopping in a jewelry store-style environment, while the Moto camera experience gave attendees the chance to be photographed with the Moto X Pure Edition 21 megapixel camera. And at the Choice Café, consumers could interact with product specialists one-on-one over a coffee or snack order featuring offerings from Magnolia Bakery, Kind Bar and Garrett’s Popcorn—helping to further personalize the experience.

With its fresh take on the typical retail model, Motorola earned recognition as an innovator among technology audiences and mainstream media alike.

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