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Miller’s Mobile Lounge Draws Young Beer Drinkers

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Year: 2009

Capturing the attention of young beer drinkers isn’t easy, especially once their vision blurs a little. But Miller Brewing had them seeing double with two mobile Cuban lounges designed to create more buzz around an already buzz-worthy product—the newly reformulated Miller Chill, a 100-calorie per 12-ounce bottle (sounds good already!) of brew made with a hint of lime and a Latin vibe that says “Cinco de Mayo” and “summer” with each twist of the cap.

Miller Chill’s Get Your Chill On! was a five-month mobile campaign that hit the streets of Seattle and Portland from April to September with two fully branded and wrapped mobile advertising vehicles, two sets of scrolling billboards and, at the centerpiece of the campaign, two living art displays that were showcased through the vehicles’ transparent walls. The 3D displays depicted Cuban lounges complete with palm trees, standing bars with thatched roofs, Miller Chill neon signs, revolving disco balls, beach chairs around an umbrella table, patio lighting and, of course, buckets of ice-cold Chill placed on the table and in the sandy beach floor. Chill products featured in cases and throughout the scene complemented the display along with the strains of spicy Latin music that streamed through the mobile vehicle’s external sound system. Models distributed product information, Chill-branded premiums such as bikini buttons, sunscreen, bottle openers, tattoos and SPF lip balm, and invited guests VIP-style into exclusive lounge parties.

Custom traffic schedules for each market and partnering with sales reps to plan on-premise events in both cities ensured the vehicles consistently hit Miller’s target—legal drinking-aged customers from 21- to 35-years-old.

A partnership with Seattle radio station 107.7 The End and its new Alki Beach House and live concert and party schedule brought the lounges to the (party) people. The Chill Mobiles acted as a VIP extension of the bar where consumers could enter and sip a beer while feeling like they were in a real Cuban lounge… legally. Models handed out samples, promotional items and custom-designed American Apparel t-shirts that read, “I got my Chill on at The End’s Beach House,” a permanent record of a night that may have otherwise been a blur.

The results: a huge hit with young beer drinkers who responded to the carefree summer vibe as well as the brew, and one of the strongest sales markets nationally, more than 1,000 t-shirts distributed and, by the tour’s end, no bottles of beer on the wall.

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